Jennifer Quaglio

Crescent Falls

YA Novel, Crescent Falls, follows the story of eighteen year old Addie Porter after the mysterious murder of her three friends and disappearance of her brother Oz. 


Comedy Impov Scene - Nowhere Fast
Showing off her improv skills, you can check out Jenn in Nowhere Fast.

Jenn recently finished YA novel "Crescent Falls" and is currently seeking representation. 


Gavin DeGraw Live @ The Paramount 
You can view Jenn's review of soulful singer Gavin DeGraw on or by clicking the image. 

Slightly Dead TV Pilot
After 5 years after an infectious outbreak, Z Miller is just trying to survive and maybe find her soulmate in the eccentric comedy. 

Jenn's Latest Projects

Recently filming a comedy improv skit, you can view Jenn's acting resume, comedy AND drama reel , and voice reel by clicking below.