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My Life Story...Sorta 

Jennifer Quaglio is a New York based, SAG-AFTRA actor, scriptwriter and filmmaker. From a young age, Jenn knew she wanted to be a performer and writer. Writing short stories (really, more like scribbling short stories) before she even started preschool, and performing variety shows in her living room at the age of 5, Jenn knew where she belonged…and that it was probably best she learn the alphabet first before pitching herself to Spielberg.

Jenn has worked as a theater and film actor, and has studied dance, acting, interior design, filmmaking and creative writing in California and New York. She's received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts and Creative Writing and has continued her education at institutions such as the Stella Adler Acting Studio, UCB, Susan Batson Studios, Anthony Meindl's Actor's Workshop and Five Towns College.

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Writer | Director | Editor | Producer

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Writer | Editor | Co-Producer

Writer | Director | Editor | Producer

Writer | Director | Producer

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