Need help with your script or writing content?

Brilliant ideas can easily fall apart with unstructured and underdeveloped scripts.


I provide detailed and in-depth notes with feedback on short or feature films, web series, pilots or scripts that you’re not quite sure where they fall. Whether you’re an actor transitioning into creating your own work or a writer drafting your next project, I work through each script providing feedback to help structure the overall tone, character arc & development, dialogue, theme, structure, punctuation and many other things that makes a script stand out. 

With having cast, written, produced, directed and edited various productions such as Crimson City, Who the Hell is Kim, Inequalidee, Cyberspace Web Series and others, I have unique experience in each area that gives me a “bird’s eye” perspective on how to grow an indie project from a seed of thought into a packaged piece of art. 

I started self-producing projects in 2013, after finishing up my degree in Drama and Creative Writing. I started with the idea to create my own work by wanting to play characters that are rarely seen. I’ve helped develop many scripts and I've written short-form content, web series, short films, and an array of scripts and scenes for actors to film.


In addition to writing, I can also consult and give guidance on and provide resources for: 

Low Budget Costumes 

Low Budget Props 

Links to Recent Scripts (Educational for Formatting & Different Writing Styles) 

Budget Sheets

Mastering the Log-line & Synopsis 

Starting a Production Company (Guidance on Paperwork & Costs in NY)


Writing for a Film Challenge 

Filmmaking & Writing Software 

Copyright Info 

Consultations can be held over Zoom, Facetime or Phone.

$35 for a 30 minute consultation 

$70 for a 60 minute consultation 

$100 for a 30 minute consultation & notes/feedback on a script up to 25 pages 

$150 for a 60 minute consultation & notes/feedback on a script up to 60 pages

            $250 for a 60 minute consultation & notes/feedback on a feature script up to 130 pages

If you have questions before signing up, email me at:

“I’ve worked with Jenn and her ideas are next level. She gets straight to the heart of the story and her voice is captivating.” 

- Frank

“Whether a short scene or short film, Jenn has a nice understanding of story and storytelling , and a good sense of how to make it flow. 

- Jaison

"Jennifer is very detailed and thorough when reviewing scripts. She gives insightful notes and will ask questions to clarify anything she may not be familiar with to make sure she gives accurate feedback regarding your story."

- Steven